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Alterations & Sewing in Eugene, Oregon

Fall and/or Holiday needs or new hems? Call Chris

Sew Cozy Chris Barlow: alterations, hems, embelishmentsWear clothes? Sew Cozy Chris in Eugene, Oregon, is a home-based sewing and alterations business. Chris specializes in hems on blue jeans and slacks. Any kind of pants — the lengths you want them, featuring original hems or cuffs or cutting them off and making new hems. Make Cozy Chris your headquarters for pant hems, for embellishments of ready-to-wear clothing, and other sewing and alterations needs.
Located in northwest Eugene, Bethel area

About Chris, a specialist on hems and other sewing needs

wedding dress 2011Owner Chris Barlow is a former registered nurse. Before and after her nursing career, she has worked as a seamstress, doing alterations and  creating some of her own clothes, adding embellishments, replacing buttons, etc.

She has worked in high-end department stores such as Nieman-Marcus and Herbergers.

AT RIGHT: A wedding dress altered in December 2011.

From January 2004 until August 2006, Chris was the alterations department for The Buckle, a clothing store that caters to young adults in Champaign, Illinois. Sew Cozy Chris opened in Eugene, Oregon, in Fall 2006. She did all kinds of adjustments on pants of all kinds, with a focus on making sure your hems are perfect.

To get a preliminary price quote on your project, call Sew Cozy Chris at 541-684-6938 or contact us VIA EMAIL(Directions to our location will provided after an appointment is established.)

   Phone calls probably not answered before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m.

 Equipment and Sewing Commitment

Chris uses an industrial strength sewing machine and other high-quality equipment. When necessary, she works by hand. She always uses the best thread appropriate for each project. Her specialty is basic work, such as adjusting lengths on pants. She also will do many other alterations and hemming work, and occasionally will take on a major project such as alterations on those special wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and uniforms.

Basic prices will be readily available. However, estimates given over the phone or by way of an email response are always subject to revision once Chris has met with you and has actually seen what work you are requesting. Major projects, when taken on, may require a minimum of 50 percent of the estimate down — up front.

WHAT'S YOUR VISION? If you have any sewing needs that include creative ideas, please contact Chris to discuss your vision. Plan ahead. While Chris is willing to take on a variety of projects, the speed at which she can complete a project depends on how many projects are on her sewing plate.

See the Sew Cozy Chris Online Store for great deals on sewing machines, sergers, supplies and a variety of sewing books. Bring out the seamstress or tailor in you with great sewing products.

 Sewing, Alterations, Embellishments, Repairs

Your source for sewing, mending, alterations, garment completion
Phone: 541-684-6938 | Located in northwest Eugene